Thanks to a $900 (!!!) corporate match (check to see if your company does one, it’s a huge impact!), the Gamin’ 4 Aven campaign went from eclipsing $5,500 on Sunday thanks to the game week matching to crushing my initial $6,000 goal. As I write this, the campaign sits at $6,419 over a full month before my 24-hour marathon slated for December 13-14.

So what does this mean?

First, I have some work to do to increase the goal and start putting in stretch goals. There’s no way I’m stopping this train now!

Second, this has unlocked the next terrible drink, which will be all three terrible Triforce shots combined. This will be consumed on my next stream, slated for Friday, November 8 at 9pm CT onĀ my Twitch channel.

Finally, this has also unlocked the chest waxing. This idea was floated by my lovely wife who turned my annual question of being a part of a stream into this truly evil idea. This will occur at the start of my 24-hour marathon on December 13 (tentative start time is 7pm CT).

I can’t thank y’all enough for how much of a success this year has been and am unbelievably excited for how much further we can push this. Keep spreading the word, keep the donations coming, and keep helping Oklahoma kids in the fight against pediatric cancer.

#ForTheKids #ForAven

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