During last year’s Extra Life campaign, I discovered that people rather enjoyed watching me consume the most terrible, God-awful drinks imaginable. I decided that such a thing would be a staple going forward because I will absolutely to dumb and terrible things for charity.

This process was rather easy last year. Every drink that I did was a recipe that people created based off of what I played last year, Mass Effect. I’m not sure why the majority of those drinks leaned into awful/terribly strong territory, but they did.

This year, I did not have the same “luxury” of finding ready-to-go recipes that would fit the criteria I was looking for. So I had to get a little bit creative, drawing inspiration from cocktails that sounded great and making them just downright terrifying.

With that in mind, let’s get to the pain. As I’m going to be playing games in both the Final Fantasy and The Legend of Zelda series, the first $2,000 of milestones are centered in a Final Fantasy theme with the remaining drinks inspired by The Legend of Zelda.

2019 Milestone Drinks

$500Aether1.5 oz White Rum
.75 oz Everclear
.75 oz Blue Curaco
Sprite fill
Loosely based off of the Lifestream cocktail, but with a much bigger punch.
$1,000Inner Darkness.75 oz Dark Rum
.75 oz Jager
Dash Hot Sauce
Loosely based off the One-Winged Angel, but with much more booze and taking a far more "harsh" approach with the hot suace.
$1,36910,000 Needles1.5 oz Peach Brandy
0.5 oz Orange Juice
Fill glass with André Rosé
Four Dashes (one for each year) El Yucateco XXXtra Hot Habanero
As discussed in this post, to celebrate hitting $10k raised, I'm going to take a $10k cocktail and make it something that no one would want to buy or consume.
$1,500ShadowbringerAether + Inner DarknessIn order to become the Warrior of Darkness, I only assume you have to bring out the inner darkness within your own aether--or something. Inspired by the Corrupted Lifestream.
$2,000Triforce of Power1.5 Goldschlagger
.75 Grenadine (for color)
.75 Fireball
Top Layer Float - 151, lit on fire
A drink inspired by the goddess Din, represented by red and fire (and pain).
$2,500Jager BombchuShot 1: Jager

Shot 2: Bombchu
.75 Blue Curaco
.75 Vodka

Drop in glass with energy drink
Why have just a regular bomb when you can have a blue bombchu as well?!
$3,000Triforce of Wisdom1.5 oz Goldschlagger
1.5 oz Hypnotic
Top Layer Float - Everclear
The only wise thing would be not drinking this. I'm sure the goddess Nayru would agree. Hypotic for Nayru's color of blue and Everclear for the "clarity" that wisdom provides.
$3,500Ganon1 oz Khalua
1 oz Vodka
Soda Water
Float Triforce of Power
When Ganondorf grabbed the Triforce of Power, he became the monstrous entity known as Ganon, or so some legends say. So we are taking the Mind Eraser cocktail and tossing the Triforce of Power in.
$4,000Triforce of Courage1.5 oz Goldschlagger
1.5 oz Midori
Top Layer Float - Absnithe
Unsure if the absinthe in this will make me see any green fairies like the goddess Farore, but I'm definitely going to need every last bit of courage to keep going. Midori for the green that represents Farore.
$4,500Yiga ClanGanon + 99 BananasEveryone's favorite banana loving random encounters from The Breath of the Wild, now honored by a 99 proof floater in the drink named after the entity that corrupted them.
$5,000Blake Shelton's Hometown SpecialCombine one can of Bud Light with a double vodka sprite--chug within 9 seconds.Hitting $5,000 means all funds will go directly to the Blake Shelton Cancer Research Fund. To honor this achievement, we're going to make someone that Blake (nor any human) would ever drink.

We will take two separate drinks:
(1) Bud Light, supposedly Oklahoma's best selling beer.

(2) Blake's favorite: Vodka with a "little bit" of lemon-lime soda.

These will be thrown into one larger cup and consumed within 9 seconds to honor Oklahoma's recently raised beer ABV limit of 8.99%.
$5,500Silver Arrow Through the Heart of GanonShot: Silver Arrow
1.5 oz Scotch/Bourbon
.75 Gin

Dropped into the Ganon drink.
The Silver Arrow, one of the few legendary weapons strong enough to fell Ganon, created by taking the Silver Bullet shooter, renaming it Silver Arrow, and dropping it right into the heart of the Ganon cocktail.

I too may be defeated by this.
$6,000The Ultimate PowerCombine Triforce of Power, Courage, and WisdomFew can properly wield The Ultimate Power, the combined Triforce. Likewise, I'm not sure anyone can properly consume the monstrosity of a shot.

Silver lining: going to be extremely numb for the chest waxing.

Friendly reminder, the fun starts in earnest this Friday, June 29! Please be sure to check out the full schedule of opening streams.

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