Sun Sets on Irish; More on Tuberville “Resignation”

Words I’d never thought I’d say this football season: “Well there goes the Sun Bowl.”

Rutgers curb-stomped Louisville as expected so now the Irish will for sure not be traveling to El Paso for their bowl game. As discussed yesterday, the Irish have been predicted to be in a few different bowls including the Texas Bowl vs Rice (one I’ve seen most reported), Hawaii Bowl vs Hawaii, Poinsettia Bowl vs BYU, and today I have seen a report that the Irish could end up in the Motor City Bowl vs Ball State.

Also in that linked article is another interesting fact: Weis will address the media tonight before the football banquet. It’ll be interesting to hear what he has to say about everything that has gone on and if he’ll announce any of the “changes to the program” that Swarbrick referred to.

Moving to Auburn football, the Tommy Tuberville drama writes its next chapter:

Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville’s job was not in jeopardy when he decided to step down and he declined several requests from his bosses to reconsider, athletic director Jay Jacobs said Thursday.

Jacobs said Tuberville’s departure after 10 mostly successful seasons was “completely his decision” and that the coach would be leading the Tigers next season if he had not chosen to leave.

“To say the least, I was a little shocked,” the AD said. “But after three times of asking him would he change his mind, he convinced me that the best thing for him and his family and for this football program was for him to possibly take a year off and take a step back.

“I asked him three times [to reconsider], and so did the president,” he said.

A person familiar with the situation told ESPN’s Joe Schad that Tuberville believed he did not have the support of certain members of the Auburn board of trustees — and therefore the full support of the Auburn administration.

Jacobs said he and the president agreed to pay Tuberville the buyout price of $5.1 million — even though it was not required since he wasn’t fired — because they felt it was “the right thing to do.”

Just when I thought the whole situation couldn’t get any more laughable, Auburn just took a direct turn into stupid with this spin. Look, lying about Tuberville resigning is one thing, but trying to convince us Auburn is going to pay Tuberville $5.1 million out of the kindness of their hearts is just laughable. Furthermore, if Tuberville really stepped down because it would be best for the program, in turn he should have refused the buyout so the University could save their money for the next coach.

Also, let’s not forget this is the same guy that no more than a week ago was completely confident he was the guy for Auburn:

Tuberville then hit the road for recruiting and said he didn’t know when he would meet with University President Jay Gogue and athletic director Jay Jacobs on his job status.

“I’ve got a contract here. I’m working,” Tuberville said. “There’s no doubt that we can get this thing turned back around. I didn’t turn into a bad coach overnight. I know this program better than anybody.

“I know what it takes. I know the type of people that you can get to come in. I know our strengths and weaknesses. And I’m fully committed to doing it. I’m going out and selling that.”

Going from that and then saying “I quit” in less than a week makes zero sense. The fact that Tuberville hasn’t said a word about his resignation himself doesn’t make this whole situation anymore believable.

This seems all way to fimilar as to what ND did to Lou when he “resigned”.

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