Holy Crap I Agree with Forde

Hell must be getting the same cold front that is in Texas right now.

I don’t hate Forde at all. In fact, I read his “Forde Yard Dash” rather regularly for some laughs. However, when he talks ND football I just tend to want to smack him in the mouth and I’m sure most ND fans are on board with that.

However, a true gem came to light when he gave out his Dashie Awards:

Nastiest Fans — USC’s, last Saturday for the Notre Dame game. There were churlish drivers by the dozens en route to the stadium. There was the surly elevator operator who tried to tell a woman (Irish fan) escorting her son in a wheelchair that she had to leave her two young daughters behind to wait for the next elevator. And there were the fans spewing penitentiary-worthy profanity at the Notre Dame players and coaches as they exited the field. That “SC” stands for Stay Classy, Trojans fans.

I’m sure the “Stay Classy” theme should also extend to LenDale White’s wonderful cameo on the sidelines last week, looking into the camera saying “Notre Dame sucks! Yeah, I said it!” …just a shame we don’t have a comeback right now on the field.

Anyways, enjoy your Doucebags of the Year Award, USC. Fight on. You’ve earned it.

**Back to the Channel 4 News Room, Teleprompter Rolls**

Veronica Corningstone: Thanks for the report. For the entire Channel 4 News team, I’m Veronica Corningstone.

Ron Burgandy:
And I’m Ron Burgandy. Go fuck yourself, Southern Cal.

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