TheSpeedGamers Raise over $50,000 for ACT-Today

Congrats to TheSpeedGamers who have just now broken their second goal in their Final Fantasy Marathon raising over $50,000 for ACT-Today (Autism Care and Treatment).

Since last Friday, they have been attempting to play through every numbered game in the Final Fantasy series while asking viewers to donate to ACT-Today. Originally, they set their sights on $20,000 which was quickly reached on their third day. Seeing the huge response, they decided to shoot even higher and raised their bar to $50,000.

At around 5:30pm CST, just 30 minutes before the close of their marathon, they hit their mark for the second time.

They have done all kinds of crazy things to try and raise money (beyond depriving themselves sleep playing through these long games). They have eaten Vegemite in several different forms for donations. One commentator performed “barrel rolls” for a donation. They also auctioned off character naming rights in the games, even to the point where one donor threw down $1800 to have every character named Sephorith in FFVII.

They have definitely put a lot of work, sleepless nights, and crazy antics all in the name of charity and have performed a simply amazing feat. Their previous charitable marathons had all raised $32,000 in 11 marathons combined. This turnout has been unreal.

Kudos to everyone at TheSpeedGamers for putting this together and reaching such an amazing goal.

If you wish to donate to ACT-Today, the Chip-In widget below should still work for now.

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