Quick Hit on Ian Kinsler

Ian Kinsler, on his weekly show on 1310 The Ticket’s (KCTK) BaD Radio, he admitted and wanted it to be known “on the record” that every time he swings the bat, he swings for the fences. The hosts even tried to clarify (and give Ian a chance to back off) by asking if he simply meant that he tries to hit the ball as hard as he can. His response was no, he tries to hit the ball as high and as far as he possibly can.

News flash Ian: That mentality can be forgivable if you are in the middle of the order, not in the leadoff spot. Your job is to get on base every AB, not to trot around them. Games are not equivalent to the HR Derby.

Note to Wash: I would hope you knew Ian had this mentality before, and if you didn’t, you sure as hell better know now. Put him in a different spot in the order and let someone like David Murphy or Elvis Andrus lead off — hell even Michael Young would be a better fit. Make sure you get someone up there that will be ducks on the pond for your big sticks, and if you consider Ian one of those big sticks, put him in the middle of the order.

I appreciate Ian’s honesty, but I’d also appreciate it if he would realize his role in the order and would at least attempt to hit accordingly and not try to hit the first pitch out of the park every time he steps up to the plate.

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