Yes, I Am Still Alive

I realize it has been quite sometime since my last post, so I figured that I should write up a quick update.

First off, I apologize for my little Final Fantasy Countdown stalling.  Initially, the whole 13 games in 13 days was a great idea until I wasn’t happy with my initial posts, re-did my ideas for them, and then was playing catch up the rest of the way.  Finally, the days caught up as work got busier, so I finally fell short and my daily postings ceased.  I tried to get back on track before Final Fantasy XIII came out, but WordPress decided to nuke nearly half a post on me and that kick to the nether-region put me further behind.

Then of course, Final Fantasy XIII came out, and you can guess were my free time went.

I decided to toss the blog on the backburner for a bit.  Making that decision around the time of the NCAA Tournament probably wasn’t too wise as well.  I definitely found far too many distractions that took me away from writing and any attempt at multitasking quickly failed as my laptop would sit next to me untouched while I paid far too much attention to Lost, 24, and the sort.  And of course, it isn’t exactly advisable for me to attempt to blog while being out and about at bars (although the results could be quite humorous…).

Either way, I will be attempting to get back on track very soon.  Final Fantasy XIII has been beaten and I’m in no rush to finish the rest of the side-quests of the game as of now.  The NCAA Tourney is almost over and my bracket has been laid to rest a long time ago.  Plus, I’ve finally caught up on the majority of my filled to the brim DVR.

It’s definitely time to get back to writing.

Firstly, I will be working on finishing up my Final Fantasy countdown.  I’m not even going to risk attempting to play catch-up this time around.  I will finish all of the remaining posts before I publish anything new so the countdown can finish without interruptions this time around.  After that is done, I’ll write up a review of Final Fantasy XIII and insert it into the previous ranking.

Once the video game business is done.  It’ll be time to focus back on sports for a bit.  ND Football is back under way, the NFL draft is just around the corner, the Texas Rangers are about to open their season up, and the Mavericks will soon be gearing up for the playoffs.  Yes, I failed to mention the Dallas Stars, but they have also failed to play hockey all season.

I’m hoping I’ll be back to regular posting within a week or so.  But for now, here’s a sports quick-hit as the Cowboys have decided to cut Flozell “False-Start-Holding-Tripping” Adams:

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