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Welcome all to NDTex.com and this blog in which you will be subjected to my rambling thoughts and opinions on all sorts of different subjects.

I’ve tried writing and maintaining blogs on more than one occasion, each of them eventually fizzling out. The common theme was always the same, I just didn’t care to continuously post about the same subject over and over again and manage to keep it fresh. There is little point in a blog if I don’t care to write it.

So this is my new incarnation. I originally purchased this web server to learn PHP and test out some scripts. However, I did always want to use this server for more than just that. I couldn’t really figure out the best direction to go. My mind and interests move all over, so developing a site with this ADD-like mind just flat out didn’t happen. A blog format though can allow me to go all over the map, allowing me to develop around the various topics and grow from there.

I still can’t tell you exactly where this project and idea will take me and that’s what I like about it the most. What I can tell you is that I will be touching on various topics and I believe I can hit a topic or two that many different people can enjoy.

So what will these topics be? Well, I can garantee you will see topics centered around Notre Dame Athletics (especially football), Dallas Sports (more often than not the Cowboys and Rangers, I’m sure I’ll touch on the Mavericks and Stars as well), Final Fantasy XI and other video games, technology, programming, maybe even politics during election times, and other randomness that pops into my head.

One thing that I won’t post about is my life in general. I tired this a couple times on Xanga why back when as well as MySpace a tad, but it always wore on me for two reasons. One, I hate writing and walking on eggshells, as posting about life involves people you know and things get far too public, feelings can get hurt, drama can happen, etc. I want to write what I mean and not hold back to avoid airing potential personal dirty laundry. Two, I don’t care for my life to be posted beyond what it already is. Those that know me can stalk me to no end on Facebook and I don’t need to write blog entries on top of it. Updates on my life just tended to follow a pattern of generalized rambling (read: horribly freaking boring to read/write) and I would rarely find the need to actually post when the subject was my life.

I’m sure some of my life my creep in here every now and then if Earth-shattering moments occur, but having it as a central focus isn’t what I want to do. Personally I would much rather write about ND Football instead of say “Well, I got stuck in traffic today and then got to work, etc, etc, etc”. If it bores me to write it, I can’t possibly see how it is enjoyable to read.

So that is the basic jist of things. I look forward to writing here and I hope being able to spread the topics around means a far more active blog and one that doesn’t die within a month. I will also update the look of this site in general. Give me time on this though — creativity with pictures, art, and Photoshop aren’t exactly high on my list of aptitudes.

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