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ND Football is just around the corner.  This means that this blog will be turning ND Football heavy once again, but this year I’ll be doing something a bit different this season.

Some Irish fans might be familiar with what is known as the Irish Blogger Gathering (IBG) started by The Subway Domer.  If you are not, the basic idea is that the best Irish bloggers gather weekly to answer questions posed by the host blog of the week.  Every blogger will then post their answers to said questions on their blog, with the host linking all of them.  The Subway Domer has more details as well as all the participants posted if you are so interested.

No, there isn’t a typo in The Subway Domer’s post, I will be a member this season.  I will be hosting MSU week and the IBG will kick off this Friday.

I’m very much looking forward to being associated with such fine company (even if one of them thinks David Ruffer is the best player on the Irish squad) and this will increase the level of ND Football posts which is never a bad thing.

23 days to go, get excited.

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  1. I chuckled a little when you said ‘the BEST irish bloggers.’ i think mq kinda spoils that one, dont you think?

  2. Haha…well I think he may contend I’m ruining it. Then everyone will contend Poot is ruining it.

    Vicious cycle.

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