Tweeting ND Football: A Guide to My Insanity

Yes, two football posts in the same day! Excitement is building for sure (or I’m just trying to get in all the ideas I’ve had for a while before I go on vacation).

As I mentioned in my last post, if you aren’t used to following me on Twitter during the football season, you might be in for a rather interesting surprise. In all honesty, when I tweet during a football game you are pretty much getting online what you would if you were sitting next to me in person: a drunken fan making way too many jokes and using far too much profanity.

While I’m sure that is pretty par for the Twitter course, there are also a handful of fun hashtags that I love to use as well. For those not up on the Twitter lingo, here’s the quick lesson: a hashtag is written like “#NDFB”, and that becomes a clickable search to see anyone else tweeting with said hashtag. Think of it as a quick community search. However, some of my creations and those of others aren’t too well known or are used for pure humor. To prevent head-scratching (and hopefully further use of these awesome hashtags), I figured this post would be a good primer (and I believe the NDAlumni account did something similar…with a lot less profanity and hate…so uh…mine is more fun!).

So without further ado, here is some of what you might see throughout this football season in no particular order:

#NDFB – AKA Norte Dame Football. Twitter needs character saving and this is only five and therefore it wins. I do believe HerLoyalSons attempted to push this last year and if they didn’t, I’ll say they did anyways. This will pretty much be on the end of all ND tweets in and out of the game. Love it, use it, band together ND Nation.

#Cannon – I can’t claim credit for this amazing nickname; however, NDEddieMac deserves to have his genius shared. Cannon is none other than Michael Floyd, whose explosive plays can be compared too…well, being shot out of a Cannon. With Tate gone this season, I expect to see this hashtag appear in jubilation with regularity throughout the season.

#Cannon4Heisman / #Floyd4Heisman – Both are self explanatory. Both are appropriate. Spread the word folks.

#DIAF – This one is more common for anger in general. Stands for “Die in a Fire”. Expect this to be used in the general direction of many referees, Lee Corso, and Mark May.

#Kiffykins – Nickname for the head son of a bitch coach at Southern Cal, Lane Kiffin. Often used in conjunction with his many secondary violations or other circus acts he is sure to preform this year.

#FUSC / #FSouthernCal – Should be self-explanatory. Suggested to use #FSouthernCal when possible as the Trojans seem to hate being called Southern Cal. I know that 140 character limit can be harsh, which is why #FUSC works as well. If at all possible, use both for maximum hatred. May also be used in conjunction with #DIAF and #Kiffykins to send hatred levels even higher.

#CheatOn / #CheatForever – “Fight On” and “Win Forever” are now replaced by these more appropriate slogans for Southern Cal.

#MuckFichigan – Self-explanatory if you are good with anagrams or dyslexic.

#NDFBIsDeterminedToKillMe – This one I can claim credit for creating. Since ND decided that every game past Nevada was going to be a damned heart attack until the end last season, this came into existence. In fact, it’s been extended to pretty much any sports team I follow. This better not ever become trending…

Non-ND Related Hashtags:

#WarEagle – I’m watching an Auburn game. Hey, my sister goes there, get off me.

#GigEm – I’m watching a Texas A&M game. That’s the Texas school that I’ll cheer for.

#SawEmOff – Anti-Longhorn hashtag. Likely will be used in conjunction with me calling Texas “TU” instead of “UT”. It’s an Aggie thing.

That’s what I can think off of the top of my head. I’m sure we will be creating some more fun hashtags of hilarity and hate throughout the season as well as making many ridiculous ones using the name of Dayne Crist. If I left something out or you have your own hashtag genius that you wish to share, play along in the comments section.

The first three football weekends I will be traveling (twice at the games, once on a vacation), so I’m not sure how many tweets I will squeeze in come gametime. However, believe me, I will indeed be very active on the Twitter-front!

Tweet like a champion today! #HolyCornyHellICantBelieveIJustSaidThat

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