ND Avoids Shipwreck

Just a quick-hit post on the ND/Navy game.

  1. We should never, ever, EVER again put in the second string when it is only the third quarter and you are only up by 20.  WAY too much time left.
  2. ND had an abysmal first half.
  3. The 3rd quarter (when the starters were in) reminded me of 2005 and 2006 seasons and the kind of offensive dominance we can show.
  4. Clausen had a much better game, but still has room to improve.
  5. The O-Line worries me…it takes a full half to wear down an undersized line?  Seriously?  And then they allowed Navy to cause two turnovers when they laid hits on Clausen.  I shudder to think what USC will do to Clausen if this isn’t rectified fast.
  6. Our turnover ratio is really sucking right now.
  7. We clearly have never tried to recover an onside kick before.  ND just made a perfect “what not to do” video on onside kick coverage.
  8. If you are a Big East referee, you see no issue with Navy using four timeouts.
  9. How did we get beat deep by Navy’s passing offense?  Especially considering we knew they were ready to throw bombs to the endzone every play.
  10. Michael Floyd is out for the next two games — ouch…
  11. In the end, a win is a win.  Time for the Irish to go Bowling this year and end the 15 year drought.
  12. The Irish now have a win against a winning program this season.
  13. This post pretty much sums up my feelings of the ridiculous notion of firing Weis this season.
  14. Dear Michigan, enjoy your 3-9 season.  There is no way in hell you will beat Ohio State.  Welcome to our world, Love ND.

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