To the Garden We Go

I feel like I’m going slightly schizophrenic switching back and forth between the Obama thing and ND Basketball, but I digress.

Once again, the Irish manage to play a game in which I was not near a TV or a radio in which to watch/listen, and I am rather disappointed because this seemed like one of the best victories of the year for the Irish. ND pounded the Wildcats of Kentucky 77 – 67, and even more impressive, they never trailed the game. Even more impressive than THAT was the fact the Wildcats shot 50% FG and 3-Pt and the Irish still easily won (and only shot 45% FG and 48% 3-Pt).

The major differences in the stats were only in Turnovers and the number of 3-Pts made. The Irish led the turnover battle 10-6, and made 12 3-Pts to Kentucky’s 7. Rebounds were practically even with a slight Wildcat advantage 28-27.

Luke Harangody dominated the game with a solid double-double of 30 points and 11 boards. Jackson, McAlarney, and Ayers all recorded double digit scoring in the game as well.

When the biggest story post-game for Kentucky is whether or not your head coach is going to get canned, you definitely know you dominated completely. Kentucky’s major scoring threat Jodie Meeks was non-existant for most of the game, and his 21 points were not enough for Kentucky (19 of which came from the second half).

Solid game for the Irish. While being in the NIT is never something I’ve been too excited about, the Irish putting together this little run has been a refreshing change from most of the season’s results. Now that we have made it to the semis, I definitely want to see the Irish win the whole thing.

The semifinal game will be Tuesday, March 31 against Penn State at Madison Square Garden (and yes, I have it right this time). Tip-off is scheduled for 9pm EDT/8pm CDT on ESPN2. Thankfully, this should a game I can actually watch!

The other NIT semifinal game features Baylor against San Deigo State, whom just knocked out NCAA Tournament-snubbed St. Mary’s just a little while ago. The game will also be on Tuesday and will be before the Irish’s game at 7pm EDT/6pm EDT on ESPN2.

Go Irish. Beat Lions.

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