Day IX: Final Fantasy XI

The Job System

Much like Final Fantasy III, you can freely switch between jobs and level them separately.  This time around though, there are some major differences and innovations with the system.

Firstly, Final Fantasy XI does not differentiate between regular levels and job levels.  In this game there are one in the same, meaning base stats are actually affected by your job levels.  Each job will affect each stat differently, and each job will allow you to equip different gear in order to enhance those stats further.

Secondly, you can actually integrate your previously leveled jobs into your character.  This is done via the subjob.  After you hit level 18 with any job, you can then complete a quest to also equip a subjob that will allow you to retain all abilities and stat bonuses attached to that job.  The catch?  You can only gain such bonuses from your subjob at half the level of whatever you select as your main job.  Therefore, if your main job is currently 40, your subjob will be capped at 20.

Finally, jobs progress in quite a linear manner.  That is, you gain new abilities after you hit certain levels with your job.  To learn new spells, you simply must either buy or obtain a scroll with the spell you want to learn.  If your job is at the minimum level the scroll requires it, you can use it and learn it for good.

Much like Final Fantasy III, you can access other jobs.  These jobs are called advanced jobs, and include the following: Paladin, Dark Knight, Beastmaster, Bard, Summoner, Blue Mage, Corsair, Puppetmaster, Dancer, Scholar, Dragoon, Ninja, Ranger and Samurai.  Each of these jobs can be unlocked by completing their respective quests and are opened up to the player after they reach level 30 on any job.

Jobs can be changed freely, but this can only be done in the presence of a Moogle, which are found in the player’s Mog House (their home more or less) or in the few towns that have a Nomad Moogle.  Basically, a player is not able to freely change their jobs out in the field and must be set well before a player sets out.

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