Yankees Win the World Series

I would like to congratulate the Yankees on their World Series win, and give a big pat on the back to all Yankee fans.  I mean it’s been 9 long years since you won your 26th World Series.  You poor, poor bastards.  And I know your team has been trying their little hearts out, I mean just look at the payrolls from your last World Series win (2000) to now:

2000 – $92,938,260
2001 – $112,287,143
2002 – $125,928,583
2003 – $152,174,814
2004 – $184,193,950
2005 – $208,306,817
2006 – $194,663,079
2007 – $189,639,045
2008 – $209,081,577
2009 – $201,449,189

Total – Over $1.67 Billion

Source: USA Today

I just don’t know how you can possibly stick with a team that has struggled for so long.  Your team has spent more money than any other club in baseball consistently since 2000.  I mean, for crying out loud in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, and 2009 you spent well over $50 million more than the 2nd highest paid team in the league.

I’m not sure how y’all stuck through that kind of pain.  Y’all are truly a shining example for baseball fans throughout the world.

So congrats to the Yankees and all Yankee fans, you’ve earned bought it (finally).

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