The “Romo Friendly” Offense: Week 8 vs. Seattle

As promised, I am going to keep readers of this blog in the loop on my writings on  Also, I wanted to pop in and let everyone know that I am actually committed to regular schedule now there (shocking I know).  Every Tuesday morning, my “Romo Friendly” Offense article will appear and every Friday morning my contributions to the fantasy panel will be posted.  Each morning, I will also post a quick preview and link here as well to ensure it is well advertised.

So without further ado:

Another week has passed and has brought us yet another successful victory for the Cowboys.  The ‘Boys completely dominated on the offensive side of the ball once again and Romo seemed to have his way with the Seahawks.  Last week, I attributed similar success primarily to the great play of Romo.  So was this yet another week when the “Romo Friendly” offense became the “Romo Driven” offense?

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