Important Info if You Attended the Stars Home Opener

First off, apologies I have been dark.  I am aware I have a ND game/heart attack to write about, as well as catch up on the Cowboys, but this last weekend was a whirlwind and to make things even better, I got stick at the tail end of it.

So yeah, blogging not at the top of the list of things to do right now…

Anyways, there is one piece of news I want to make sure is out there.  I’ll have a more in depth article about this later and as more information comes out, but the fact is, if you had a ticket to the Stars home opener, you have a free ticket coming your way.

Long story short, Razor guaranteed a Stars win and put his money where his mouth is.  If the Stars lost, everyone gets a free ticket on him.  Well, the Stars fell in a shootout and Razor will keep to his word.

This was originally announced on the Ticket and blogged about as well by Razor.  I’m not sure how well publicized this was beyond that, so here you go.  If you didn’t know, you are welcome, now go spread the word to anyone else that was at the game.

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