Some Shameless Self-Promotion

If you remember, recently I made a post about being a part of a fantasy football panel on, which has now gone to a weekly appearance.  Starting this week, I will be writing yet another weekly article for them as well.  My focus will be a week-by-week breakdown of the so-called “Romo Friendly” offense.  I’ll be looking at the play call balance as well as how effective it seems to be working for the Cowboys and Romo.

I don’t have the exact days that I will be published there as of yet; however, I will be sure to update with a link here (possibly with a more in-depth breakdown of other Cowboy happenings if I have the time).

On that same note, if you have Twitter, you can follow and get their feed of website updates (which will include my articles and fantasy panel updates) and other sports news from the Dallas area.  You can also follow my Twitter feed to get updates for this blog as well as other random things that I find amusing (as well as random commentary, especially during ND/Cowboy games).

Hopefully in some near future I will soon be able to overhaul this site and make it a little bit better than it currently stands now.  I’ve got a bunch of ideas; however, the free time is lacking as of now.  Considering I’m already behind on actual blog entries, I wouldn’t expect to see any major changes anytime soon; however, I might have the time to plug some things in here and there.

So there you go, my shameless self-promotion for the day.  Now time to get back to work on things you might care a little bit more about like breaking down the ND/MSU game and previewing the ND/Purdue game.  Being behind is fun!

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