TheSpeedGamers At It Again: 72 Hour Mega Man Marathon for the Earth

TheSpeedGamers will be gaming for charity once again this weekend. They will be playing through just about the entire Mega Man library for 72 hours. The marathon will start in just a few hours, kicking off at 6pm CST.

You may remember me writing about their previous week long Final Fantasy marathon that raised over $50,000 for ACT-Today (Autism Care and Treatment). This time around TheSpeedGamers will be raising money for the Earthday Network. Their current goal for this weekend’s fund raising efforts is $7,000. In the spirit of being green, they will be doing their commentator feeds outside when possible to use sunlight in lieu of indoor lighting.

Just like last time, TheSpeedGamers will be streaming their marathon live on their website. Please do stop by their website to check everything out.

Also just like the last event, I will mirror the Chip-In widget as well as their video feeds here as well if you don’t wish to make the extra click.

One thing that I did not publicize well (mostly because even I wasn’t very aware of it) was that there are prizes available for donors:

Many great prizes will be given away to viewers and donators. Mana potions is supporting us again by giving the top 3 donators (6pack combo Mana/Health, T-shirt, Wristband, Mousepad) and top 3 runner-up donators (4pack Mana/Health, wristband) for the event.

I received an email from The Megas offering three great prizes for the marathon. Three bundles with a CD and a Mega’s shirt of the winner’s choice. If you haven’t already, check out The Mega’s debut album Get Equipped, a tribute to the MM2 soundtrack .

Please help support this endeavor and spread the word!

Marathon Schedule:

Mega Man 1-3 – Cameron
Mega Man 4-6 – Daniel
Mega Man 7-8 – Dan-Cam
Mega Man 9 – Oscar
Mega Man 64 (Legends) – Phil
Mega Man Legends 2 – Gwellin
Mega Man and Bass – Gwellin
Mega Man X-X3 – Britt
Mega Man X4-X6 – Chase
Mega Man X7Undecided
Mega Man X8 – Kilgard
Mega Man X Command Mission – Baltes
Mega Man Network Transmission – Gwellin
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue – Ferenc
Mega Man Zero 1-4 – Rob
Other games may be played or replayed with spare time.
Mega Man 1-8 and Mega Man X-X6 will most likely be played on their respective GameCube collections.

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