WTF Mate: All-Star Edition

I’m just going to leave this little stat comparison here:

Milwood: 8-5, 2.80 ERA, 119 IP, 37 ER, 1.24 WHIP
Wakefield: 10-3, 4.30 ERA, 102.2 IP, 49 ER, 1.35 WHIP

So let me get this straight…the 5th best ERA in the AL (done in what has always been known as a hitter’s park by the way) backed by a workhorse load of the 3rd most IP in the AL, gets snubbed for the All Star pitching staff for Wakefield?


I want to know what Joe Maddon is smoking here. If this game supposedly “matters” why in the hell are you selecting a pitcher that gives up more runs in less innings pitched?

I don’t even want to hear about Wakefield having 10 wins. If that’s the criteria we are going to use why isn’t Kevin Slowey on the roster? Oh I donno maybe his 4.86 ERA has something to do with it, although the funny part about Slowey is that he’s given up the same amount of earned runs as Wakefield (49), albeit pitching 12 less innings.

Milwood should be rewarded for the season he is having and not get the shaft because he’s been a hard luck loser a few too many times. I thought the reason the manager got to set the rotation and not the fans was so that things like this don’t happen — after all, “baseball fans” voted for Josh Hamilton to start the game even though he has played about as much as Manny and with worse numbers.

It’s moments like this that really make me want to see MLB drop the whole stupid “this game matters” crap. The original purpose was to increase interest in the game and to get people to actually route for their own league a little bit more.

Now I’m going to be watching the game hoping Wakefield gets lit up like a Christmas tree. If that happens and the AL loses by 10 because of it, I won’t care.

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