Help Raise Money for Autism — TheSpeedGamers Final Fantasy Marathon

I’m posting this about everywhere I can because it is awesome on two fronts. First, it is an attempted seven-day marathon of every game in the Final Fantasy Series (excluding X-2). Second, this is being done to raise money for Autism Care and Treatment (ACT).

The group attempting this is known as TheSpeedGamers. They have done marathons like this in the past as well, and you can view their history at their site as well.

This marathon started just a couple days ago and will run through Friday. Their current goal is $20,000 and thus far have raised over $16,000 at the time of this post. They are considering raising the bar to $30,000 based on the amazing response received thus far.

They are streaming the entire attempted marathon and it has been fun to watch when I’ve had the chance to considering how much I love the series. They have completed FFI, FFII, and FFVI so far, will be returning to FFV later (they had some final boss issues it seems), and are currently running through the end of FFIII at the time of this post.

So check it out and donate to a very worthy cause!

Edit: You can also donate below!

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