It’s Been a While…

I’m sure I’m not breaking too many hearts by being blog-absent, seeing as Google Analytics tells me there have only been 29 unique visitors here, either way though it has been far too long since this thing has been updated. The best way to start a blog is to stream a bunch of news and then go MIA right?

There have been quite a few stories that I want to write about, but since I get paid to do something else than writing in here, they have been on the back-burner. I am hoping to have some time to catch up in my posting as things are starting to slow down a bit for me.

Postings to look forward to (or avoid if you wish) in no particular order:

  • ND Football Offseason News – Hirings, Recruiting and somesuch
  • ND Basketball – Alternate Title: WTF Man?
  • More from the Cowboy’s Circus
  • A-Roid
  • The Rest of the Me vs. Vista Thing (spoiler: I win)
  • Random Thoughts on Movies/Music/Video Games of 2008 — nothing like a “best of 2008” three months into 2009!

So yes, I indeed have quite a bit to roll out and I’d like to do so before my next round of training hits me and hits me hard. I would complain about little free time, but in the current economy, I’m just thankful my company is keeping me busy.

So, look forward to a new post in the near future. For now though, I leave you with a nice video of a humorous glimpse into IT hell. I present to you, from the folks at The Website Is Down, “Sales Guy vs. Web Dude”:

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