Even before I made the decision to merge sports with my Extra Life marathon, I ended up putting sports in my campaign milestones, AKA the marks in which I drink something awful (but that’s another post…). That decision was made when living Notre Dame legend, Muffet McGraw, surprisingly retired as the women’s basketball head coach.

Muffet was and still is so much more than a basketball coach. Beyond the typical molding of young athletes, she was always vocal about equality and social justice. Need a good summary of what she’s about? Here you go:


In thanks to everything that Muffet did at Notre Dame, I went through her career to dig up some milestones for this year’s campaign, while mixing in a couple fund raising marks of my own.

We’ve hit most of these, but we aren’t done yet!



$669 – Marks $20,000 raised all time

$2,000 – Goal to hit for the 1-Up Open

$2,697.67 – Represents Muffet’s 26 NCAA Tourney appearances, 9 Final Fours, 7 Championship Games, and 67 NCAA Tourney wins

$3,321 – Represents Muffet’s 33 Seasons coached, 2 National Championships, and 1 Hall of Fame Career

$4,101 – The date of Muffet’s first national title: 4/1/01

$4,900 – In honor of Muffet being the 4th fastest coach to reach 900 career wins

$5,545 – The final score of Muffet’s 500th win: 55-45 over Michigan

$6,158 – The score of Muffet’s second National Championship: 61-58 over Mississippi State in 2018

$6,866 – The score of Muffet’s first National Championship: 68-66 over Purdue

$7,720 – Muffet’s winning percentage at ND: .7720

$8,482.51 – Muffet’s win-loss record at ND: 848-251

$9,276 – The score of Muffet’s first win during her first sellout: 92-76 over UCONN

Left to Go

$9,915 – Muffet’s win-loss record against the ACC: 99-15

$10,669 – $30,000 Raised All-Time

$10,700.67 – Last year’s total raised

$11,306.35 – Represents Muffet’s 11 30-win seasons and 6 35-win seasons (This is the Guy Fieri dye-job payoff)

Stretch Goal

$14,866 – Muffet’s 14 regular season conference titles, including 8 in a row which also included 6 straight ACC titles–that leaves 6 other non-consecutive titles. (Oh, and I’ll wax my chest again if we get this far)


So now it’s up to you to help me reach my goals and help fight cancer in honor of Aven. Get your tax-deductible donation into my campaign right now!

There are four milestones left, one stretch goal, meaning that there is five awful drinks ready to go. As far as what those drinks are…tune in next week!

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