Breaking News: College Football Hall of Fame to Possibly Move to Dallas

Norm Hitzges, radio personality from 1310 the Ticket in Dallas, reported this morning that there will be a conference this morning in Dallas to discuss a bid to move the College Football Hall of Fame from South Bend to Downtown Dallas. Norm reported that the facility would be funded completely by private investors and would serve to honor all amateur football (so I would assume a high school wing would be added).

Norm’s sources have reported to him that Dallas is currently the front-runner for this move. On the radio he said it was a deal that could easily be done if “all the T’s are crossed and I’s dotted.” There are several Dallas connections on the college football board that runs the Hall of Fame as well — the biggest being the president of the board, whom is a current Dallas resident.

Norm concluded that a decision on the matter will be publicly announced on November. From the sounds of his report as well, the Hall of Fame will definitely be moved somewhere.

This news rather floored me. The Hall of Fame was one thing that I didn’t get an opportunity to visit while I was in South Bend. Looks like I should definitely take the time to stop by this next football season. Being in Dallas, this does excite me; however, I must say I always thought it was cool that the Hall of Fame was centered in South Bend. With the Hall being there, it felt like just another huge slice of college football tradition that was attached to ND.

As a final note, this wasn’t a story that I could find a news release on. However, I easily trust the word of Norm on this matter. He is a sports radio legend around here and his sources and reporting are beyond reproach. I have no doubt at all of this story’s validity.

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