Tommy Tuberville Fired

So why am I posting about Auburn football? Well, my sister attends Auburn, so I have indeed become a fan of the team (as long as they don’t play the Irish).

Anyways, it seems that Tommy Tuberville’s 10 year tenure at Auburn is done.

I must say I am SHOCKED.

In his 10 years he led the Tigers to a 85-40 (52-30 in the SEC) record, won the SEC West 5 times, won the SEC Conference once, got hosed out of a national title in 2004 (Tigers went 13-0 winning the Sugar Bowl), a 7-3 record against rival Alabama (with a 6 game winning streak in there), had Auburn ranked in the top 25 6 seasons, was in the top 10 twice, and has a bowl record of 5-3 with a BCS win.

His sin? This last season going 5-7 (2-6) and snapping his 6 game win streak against Alabama, losing 38-0, which was his worst season since his first in 1999 going 5-6 (2-6). He attempted to start the season by moving to a spread option offense with a first year starting QB, Kodi Burns whom was quickly replaced by ex-Texas Tech Raider (and another first year starter) Chris Todd (sound familiar ND fans?), and abandoned that offensive plan firing his OC early in the season. Todd was later replaced by Kodi yet again and Auburn continued to see their offense struggle and their defense soon followed.

This is why I am against knee-jerk reactions to coach firings. In my opinion, Auburn has just highly hosed themselves and like I said about ND, I have no idea who in the hell they will replace him with. Auburn has one big problem and that is the lack of a solid QB. You don’t fire the coach because of that. Especially one that consistantly beats your biggest rival year in and year out, plus has you at the top of your conference pretty much every year.

Just unreal…

Had ND not given Weis the vote of confidence, I’d be all for giving Tuberville a good look. As I said earlier, I hope Swarbrick does indeed talk to possible candidates as a contingency plan and if Tuberville is still jobless in 2009, as an Irish fan, I definitely want him to be getting a call to gauge his interest if the ND job happened to open up.

Random Addendum: Holy crap today was a busy day for college football news…three posts in one day by me…yeesh. Don’t expect this kind of activity too often.

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