Day X: Final Fantasy X-2



Yuna has the most drastic set of changes between this game and the previous installment.  The majority of them come in her physical appearance.  Her summoner job and long traditional robes are traded in for some more revealing attire and her new default job switches to Gunner (a direct Laura Croft ripoff).

While her personality remains mostly unchanged, Final Fantasy X-2 sees Yuna as much more jovial and happy-go-lucky than before.  In fact, she often tries in many ways to imitate her cousin, Rikku.  Also, instead of coming to grips with Tidus no longer being around, thanks to Rikku she is encouraged to “follow her heart” and keep hope that Tidus is alive and to find him.


Rikku is pretty much the same character as in Final Fantasy X.  Still the bubbly personality and comic relief character, the only real change in this game is her new-found bravery to lightning.  She is no longer afraid of it as she spent a week camping out in the Thunder Plains prior to the events of Final Fantasy X-2.


Paine is the most fascinating character out of the three as she is the only one that we literally know nothing about.  She is the female Auron of this game: serious, quiet, keeping to herself, yet having a touch of sarcastic humor when needed.  She is extremely reluctant to talk about her past in any manner and only breaks that silence much later in the game.


While Shuyin is the main antagonist of the game, he hardly makes for a compelling villain.  More than anything, he ends up being a character that gains sympathy as he is quite literally just a lost soul.

Despite wanting to destroy the world, he doesn’t seem to evoke much in the way of fear.  If anything, the only thing truly feared in the game is Vegnagun itself.  Shuyin does indeed need to be stopped, but just to save him from himself and his own despair.  This fact is confirmed as it is Lenne that is finally able to console him and allow him to rest in peace at last.

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