It’s Not Goodbye…

…it’s see ya later (quick, name that movie!).

Ok, so it isn’t really see ya later either…

As I posted earlier today at Her Loyal Sons, I will now be doing all of my ND and college football blogging over there instead of this little corner of the internet that I have called my home.  Ironically enough, just a couple of weeks after I decided to re-purpose the entire site to be dedicated to said topic!

When DMQ approached me with the idea, I was both a tad shocked and very much honored that he and Biscuit thought I would be a great addition to their site.  HLS easily has a much bigger higher reader volume than my site by far and I am very much looking forward to having a new audience read my work.

To my friends, family, and anyone else that has found my posts from any other source whether it be Twitter, Facebook, NDN, or Google, thanks for reading and spreading my work around.  I sure hope all of you will be following me over to HLS and continue to read my work as well as everyone else that does some fantastic posting over there (yes, even Poot).

And seriously, if you haven’t been reading HLS before, you’ve been missing out and you need to rectify this immediately.

I honestly have no idea what I will be doing with this site and blog in the future, but I will definitely keep it around to archive my posts.  I doubt that I’ll be able to keep up two blogs, but hey, who knows.  For now though, I will for sure be trying to continue to help build the HLS community just like I did for this site (but likely with a lot less tinkering because I don’t think DMQ will let me play with everything!).

I’m very excited and can’t wait to dig in as a member of HLS.  I sure hope DMQ and Biscuit know what they’ve gotten themselves into! News

Ever since I started blogging, I have never really had a solid direction and vision in which I wanted to go.  During my days as a student, I had a Blogger account in which I talked ND football and some other random things.  Eventually the Blogger format seemed to limited to me and I launched, hoping that being able to categorize all my different posts would satisfy my “vision” of being able to write about what ever I wanted.

The initial goal was that this site could house anything that I wanted to write and readers would be able to follow the category feeds they wanted.  It was a great idea initially, but the fact of the matter is that this site really had no direction and actually attempting to put out enough content for all those different categories would be a full time job and then some.

Every football season, this site has a huge jump in hits and my content level increases dramatically.  ND football has always been a constant for any blog format or vision that I tried and it is easily the one that I easily enjoy writing about the most.  During this season, I decided to just focus completely on ND and college football to see how I liked it.  It’s been great, I’ve never written so much, nor enjoyed writing for this site like I have these past few week.

So after much thought, this site will be 100% dedicated to ND football while touching on any other big college football news that I find interesting.  If the mood strikes, I will write on other topics and I have created a Tumblr account for any non-ND football topics.

Along with the content focus, you will see several changes to this site, some of which are already in place.  For instance, you will notice that the NDtex25 rankings are now prominently displayed in their own widget so you won’t have to go digging through all my posts to find them.  I have also enabled a sharing plugin allowing you to easily share my posts through just about any outlet you can think of (there is an option for MySpace for crying out loud!).  My comment system is also now linked through Disqus, which will allow you to sign in via various social media formats like Twitter.  My Tumblr comments will run through the same system, so it just made sense to keep the same format between the two.  Don’t worry, if you made a comment here before, it will be imported over.

This site is also now smartphone friendly.  I need to create a better mobile landing page if you visit the site directly via the URL to clean things up a bit; however, direct links to posts work just great.

I’ll also be working to clean up the main landing page a bit, but I’m still trying to figure out what I’d like to do with it.  You’ll also be seeing category cleanups and other small organizational changes to reduce the clutter of my older non-ND content.

You’ve also likely seen a nice little PayPal donation button up as well.  I’m not real high on throwing ads up on the site as of right now, but I do spend a considerable amount of time on writing, researching, and coding for this site, especially since I started the NDtex25.  Any amount tossed my way would be great, especially since my renewal for my hosting server will hit in early 2012.  I’m not expecting anything to be honest and, yes, your money could definitely go to far better causes than my booze habit server, but if you have some money to throw around, I sure wouldn’t mind it going my way (after all, some of you donated money to get Poot a wedding date!).

I’m very excited for the new direction of the site and I’m still kicking around several different ideas.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment below, let me know on twitter, or email me at roritter at ndtex dot com.

Yes, I Am Still Alive

I realize it has been quite sometime since my last post, so I figured that I should write up a quick update.

First off, I apologize for my little Final Fantasy Countdown stalling.  Initially, the whole 13 games in 13 days was a great idea until I wasn’t happy with my initial posts, re-did my ideas for them, and then was playing catch up the rest of the way.  Finally, the days caught up as work got busier, so I finally fell short and my daily postings ceased.  I tried to get back on track before Final Fantasy XIII came out, but WordPress decided to nuke nearly half a post on me and that kick to the nether-region put me further behind.

Then of course, Final Fantasy XIII came out, and you can guess were my free time went.

I decided to toss the blog on the backburner for a bit.  Making that decision around the time of the NCAA Tournament probably wasn’t too wise as well.  I definitely found far too many distractions that took me away from writing and any attempt at multitasking quickly failed as my laptop would sit next to me untouched while I paid far too much attention to Lost, 24, and the sort.  And of course, it isn’t exactly advisable for me to attempt to blog while being out and about at bars (although the results could be quite humorous…).

Either way, I will be attempting to get back on track very soon.  Final Fantasy XIII has been beaten and I’m in no rush to finish the rest of the side-quests of the game as of now.  The NCAA Tourney is almost over and my bracket has been laid to rest a long time ago.  Plus, I’ve finally caught up on the majority of my filled to the brim DVR.

It’s definitely time to get back to writing.

Firstly, I will be working on finishing up my Final Fantasy countdown.  I’m not even going to risk attempting to play catch-up this time around.  I will finish all of the remaining posts before I publish anything new so the countdown can finish without interruptions this time around.  After that is done, I’ll write up a review of Final Fantasy XIII and insert it into the previous ranking.

Once the video game business is done.  It’ll be time to focus back on sports for a bit.  ND Football is back under way, the NFL draft is just around the corner, the Texas Rangers are about to open their season up, and the Mavericks will soon be gearing up for the playoffs.  Yes, I failed to mention the Dallas Stars, but they have also failed to play hockey all season.

I’m hoping I’ll be back to regular posting within a week or so.  But for now, here’s a sports quick-hit as the Cowboys have decided to cut Flozell “False-Start-Holding-Tripping” Adams:

Pardon My Dust

Welcome to the new look of!

As you might recognize, I am trying to migrate to a new format using WordPress as Blogger is no longer matching the ideas I have for the site that currently live in my head.  Personally, I love to write about whatever I feel like; however, I know not everyone else will share in all of my interests.  Blogger isn’t as reader friendly as I would like for navigation purposes.  I’m sure I could code some custom feeds and pages, but rule #1 of engineering is to be efficient and I don’t believe it will be wise to re-invent the wheel when there is already a great solution readily available.

My hope is that I will be able to separate all the content I’d like to write on in a way that is easy to find.  So whether you want to browse the latest ND news, Dallas Sports, or anything else, you can get to it and bookmark said pages if you wish.  Basically, I want readers and visitors to get to the content they want to see without trying to dig through archives and all kind of random labels.

So if you are wondering why my posting rate is continuing to decline, that is why.  I’m hoping to completely migrate everything to here very soon so I can resume business as usual!

In the meantime though, enjoy playing around with the new site, and feel free to comment with any feedback you have.  Some links might not work correctly, but I’ll be doing my best to get that all sorted (although everything seems to work as of now).  Don’t be surprised as well if you see some minor changes here and there as I continue to finalize everything.


Website Look

I think I found a template I actually like, meaning I won’t have to do a ton of code editing (thank God!). I’ll tinker around with it a bit, edit the links section and such in the near future.

First “actual” post will be incoming soon.

Welcome to

Welcome all to and this blog in which you will be subjected to my rambling thoughts and opinions on all sorts of different subjects.

I’ve tried writing and maintaining blogs on more than one occasion, each of them eventually fizzling out. The common theme was always the same, I just didn’t care to continuously post about the same subject over and over again and manage to keep it fresh. There is little point in a blog if I don’t care to write it.

So this is my new incarnation. I originally purchased this web server to learn PHP and test out some scripts. However, I did always want to use this server for more than just that. I couldn’t really figure out the best direction to go. My mind and interests move all over, so developing a site with this ADD-like mind just flat out didn’t happen. A blog format though can allow me to go all over the map, allowing me to develop around the various topics and grow from there.

I still can’t tell you exactly where this project and idea will take me and that’s what I like about it the most. What I can tell you is that I will be touching on various topics and I believe I can hit a topic or two that many different people can enjoy.

So what will these topics be? Well, I can garantee you will see topics centered around Notre Dame Athletics (especially football), Dallas Sports (more often than not the Cowboys and Rangers, I’m sure I’ll touch on the Mavericks and Stars as well), Final Fantasy XI and other video games, technology, programming, maybe even politics during election times, and other randomness that pops into my head.

One thing that I won’t post about is my life in general. I tired this a couple times on Xanga why back when as well as MySpace a tad, but it always wore on me for two reasons. One, I hate writing and walking on eggshells, as posting about life involves people you know and things get far too public, feelings can get hurt, drama can happen, etc. I want to write what I mean and not hold back to avoid airing potential personal dirty laundry. Two, I don’t care for my life to be posted beyond what it already is. Those that know me can stalk me to no end on Facebook and I don’t need to write blog entries on top of it. Updates on my life just tended to follow a pattern of generalized rambling (read: horribly freaking boring to read/write) and I would rarely find the need to actually post when the subject was my life.

I’m sure some of my life my creep in here every now and then if Earth-shattering moments occur, but having it as a central focus isn’t what I want to do. Personally I would much rather write about ND Football instead of say “Well, I got stuck in traffic today and then got to work, etc, etc, etc”. If it bores me to write it, I can’t possibly see how it is enjoyable to read.

So that is the basic jist of things. I look forward to writing here and I hope being able to spread the topics around means a far more active blog and one that doesn’t die within a month. I will also update the look of this site in general. Give me time on this though — creativity with pictures, art, and Photoshop aren’t exactly high on my list of aptitudes.